Spiced Vanilla Syrup Perfect For Your Coffee, Pancakes, Or Both!

Typically, I’m not a big condiment girl.  Living without ketchup, mustard, etc. just isn’t a big deal to me.  I do. However, LOVE making my syrups.  These syrups are so versatile and are just perfect for DIY gifts.   Spiced vanilla syrup, in particular, is …

Veggie Penne Pasta: Perfect For Meal Prepping Or A Lite Dinner

Now that Summer is officially ending, and we are adapting to the hustle and bustle of the school year, my cooking has to adjust as well.  This means more Instant Pot recipes, slow cooker recipes, and more

Easy Thai Coconut Rice in the Instant Pot

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We all love simple recipes, right?  And simple sides are even better in my opinion.  So often, I find that …

A Soothing and Comforting Earl Grey Latte with Lavender and Honey to Help You Relax and Enjoy Life’s Quiet Moments

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The first time I enjoyed an earl grey latte with lavender and honey was a few weeks ago on vacation in the …