Zoku Triple Quick Pop Maker Review

zoku triple quick pop maker

Triple Quick Pop Maker Review

In a world full of high fructose corn syrup and sugar galore a homemade pop maker sounds like a dream come true.  Who wants to feed all the yuckiness to their kids?  Or deal with the sugar crashes?   Seriously, those meltdowns are never fun.  I love the idea of making homemade pops with fresh ingredients that I can feel good about giving my son.  The  Zoku Quick Pop Maker claims to make 3 pops in as little as seven minutes without electricity.  In addition, Zoku claims you can make up to three batches of pops in a single session.  Seems like some bold claims to live up to.  Read this review to see just how well this product stands up to these claims!

What will this review cover?

  • What comes in the box with purchase?
  • Are the directions clear on how to use/store product?
  • How well is the product made?
  • How simple is the product to use?
  • Does it really work in seven minutes?
  • How many pops can you really make in a session?
  • Is the product, in my opinion, worth the $50 price tag?

cherry limeaid popsicle on ice and zoku quick pop maker

What comes in the box with purchase?

In the box, you will receive a base, a super tool, six sticks and six drip guards.  This means that with the purchase of only the pop maker you have the tools to make 6 pops.  One thing I absolutely LOVE is that you can purchase replacement pop sticks and drip guards.  Also, you can purchase a great storage container so you don’t HAVE to make pops every time the kids (or you, I’m not judging ;P) want one!  The base is stored in the freezer and always ready to go so it really isn’t that big of a deal to make the pops.  I like having them on hand and ready to go personally.  Makes busy days easier.  There is also a “tools” set that you can purchase to make more intricate and creative pops.

Are the directions clear on how to use/store the product?

I feel the directions are clear and concise.  There are even diagrams/pictures to help explain how to use the product correctly.  I will say that you should read the directions before your first batch.  “Winging” it is kind of my thing and I don’t read directions too often.  I know I know... On my first batch I overfilled one of the pop cavities and could not remove the pop.  Blame it on my own impatience or the impatience of my screaming three year old that wanted a pop RIGHT THEN!  Either way, the blame is valid.  It’s not a problem with the product.  User error.  Just trust me and read the directions.  I was sad I didn’t get a first batch pop…I did however get a third batch pop and it was amazing!  Watermelon mint pops make this mama happy!

How well is the product made?

If you are anything like me, you have purchased every pop maker out there.  From the grocery store dollar pop molds right on up there to this $50 one.  You get what you pay for folks.  I have purchased and broken a ridiculous amount of pop makers and molds.  This one has help up to very high usage for several months now and is not showing a bit of wear.  It even holds up to my three year old.  Folks, if you have been around a three year old boy you know how rough they are with EVERYTHING!  The sticks and drip guards (the plastic pieces) haven’t even begun to show wear.  This product is definitely a high quality pop maker.

How simple is the product to use?

Amazingly simple!  If you have used the traditional mold type pop makers you are halfway there already. To make pops in the quick pop maker simply insert the pop sticks into the cavities.  Then, fill the cavities with your pop recipe.  Pay special attention to the fill line.  If you overfill the cavity you will not be able to remove the pop.  Use the super tool to remove the pop and snap on the drip guard to avoid those messy drips.  It’s really that simple.

Does it really work in seven minutes?

Yep!  It really does.  Each pop recipe is a little different so times may vary across recipes but seven minutes is really all the first batch needs.  Subsequent batches do take a little longer but that is to be expected.

three popsicles in zoku popsicle storage container

How many pops can you really make in a session?

I have made all 9 pops in one session.  At a cookout with kids waiting in front of me.  That was the crash course/test run for my pop maker.  Looking back, I wonder why I set up a pop bar at a cookout full of kids?  It was fun and the kids loved having options.  I survived and no one cried.  Except maybe me ( I didn’t get a first batch pop remember).  All things considered I call that a win!  The last batch was just as delicious as the first.  The last batch did take around 10 minutes to freeze, but again, that is to be expected.

Is the product, in my opinion, worth the $50 price tag?

Hands down, YES!  I (surprisingly) would not alter a single thing about this pop maker.  The triple pop maker has stood up to the “help” of my three year old and the demands of my friends and family.  We are a tough crowd too with all our high expectations.  I have easily spent over $50 on cheap pop molds and makers.  All have disappointed and most broke pretty quickly after I purchased them.  I would rather spend a little more on a quality product that will last and perform as intended.

So there you have it.  My honest review of the  Zoku Quick Pop Maker.  It is a hit in my household and I’m sure it will be in yours too!  Pictured is my homemade cherry limeade pop recipe.  The cherry limeade pops are delicious and showcase how you can layer flavors with this pop maker.  Give the pop maker a try and let me know how you like it!


**I was provided a free pop maker for an honest review of the product**

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    July 5, 2017 at 9:49 pm

    I love Zoku products and I’ve wanted a Zoku pop maker for sooo long! After reading this, I’m definitely getting one! Thanks for sharing this honest review! 🙂

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      Leslie Morrison
      July 6, 2017 at 3:36 pm

      They are seriously amazing! Thanks for reading 🙂

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    Chanel van Reenen
    July 7, 2017 at 11:43 am

    I need these in my life! My kids love popsicles and I’m always looking for healthier options that I can make them!

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